Some info about Arbitrator

arbitrator : a person chosen to settle differences between two parties in controversy
(Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary)

Some info about the comic

I fancied this story some time ago and had speed some time to flesh it out. Of course there is still much open room for improvisation, but basically the whole plot for this is completely worked out already. What I am tying to say here is that there is a plan behind this madness. Nevertheless you are strongly encouraged to send me any suggestions, ideas, comments or critique you might have. I will do my best to include them if the story allows or at least I will answer my mail. What I will not do though is spoiling anything! Okay, I might have a very good idea about the ending, but actually reaching it will be hard work and fun too.

Moreover you should be aware that I have another comic to be finished. Crackling Silence is the very first comic I ever tried to draw, it is now over 230 pages long (currently online as I am writing this) and you will find several heavy stylistic breaks in it. It took me some time to settle down to a drawing and colorization technique I am at least somewhat content with. I can not guaranty that Arbitrator will stay exactly like this until the end, but I will do my very best to keep the current style - of course, I still hope that the drawings might become a little better over the time.

You might now ask, why I started a second comic if the first one has not been finished yet and still eats up most of my spare time. A very good question, indeed. I think the best answer to it is motivation. If you spend so long doing the same thing, doing something completely different can be a great boost in motivation. Especially if you realize that you indeed learned something over the time - compare the first pages of Crackling Silence with the first pages of Arbitrator and you know what I mean. Okay, maybe Crackling Silence could be completed sooner without a second comic on my neck, but considering the fact that each page is in total about 10 hours worth of work, motivation is quite important too.

Why I spend so much time on this in the first place? Damned if I know. After all, one needs some time for recreation, so I can either watch television eating potato chips or I can draw eating chocolate. I opt for the later, chocolate is better.

Some info about its wacky author

I am a physicists (good excuse for almost anything) and I think I am a science fiction fan.

If you now say: Oh no, just another Trecky ... Well okay, I have to admit that I have seen StarTrek, but to me that is no science fiction at all, it is just a soap opera in space. When watching on of those episodes, I usually spend my time considering the many (many many many) logical and physical errors, chuckling at the pseudo-techno-babble and (most of all) try to figure out from what real SciFi-author they have stolen the ideas from. Ever heard of Isaac Asimov, Athur C. Clark, Larry Niven, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem, the Strugatzki brothers, William Gibson, Iain Banks, Ursula Le Guin, Dan Simmons, Ray Bradury, Joe Haldeman, ... (just to name some of the greatest)? Well, you should have if you think that StarTrek, StarWars, StarAnything, ... is all what SciFi is about.

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